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The news of the industry is super shocking! The 40th anniversary brighter night of the special zone shows the circle of friends of the Chinese people.


The 40th anniversary of Shenzhen's reform and opening-up is approaching, and many small partners are looking forward to the large-scale lighting show that will be held. The whole process of the event will bring a super-aesthetic visual feast, which will greatly impact your visual sensory nerves. Many people say they have lived in Shenzhen for many years, and this lighting show is the first time it has ever met.
On the evening of June 29 and June 30, 2018, for two consecutive nights, Shenzhen's Futian Central Building Dynamics Lighting Show was staged. It was called the lighting drill for the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of Shenzhen.
It is reported that the joint display of green lights from 35 buildings and 5 squares is divided into four chapters, namely, the city of mountains and seas, the window of reform, the city of innovation, and the state of harmony.

In addition, the Shenzhen Huaqiang North Metro Port Lighting Show, deduced by Xinhe Photoelectric Bean Exposure Lamp, perfectly illustrates the technology and fashion of China's First Street, which is decorated with a large transparent LED screen with a magic cube screen in the middle. The full-color strip screens on both sides of the subway entrance have the effect of linkage, colorful and beautiful.