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Dongfeng County "make-up" is playing Fengcheng joyfully and welcoming the new year.


In order to welcome the arrival of New Year's Day and Spring Festival, Dongfeng County prepared in advance, carefully designed, the implementation of night scenery brightening project, to create a festive atmosphere. With the auspicious auspicious, the modelling unique lantern, will dress up the Fengcheng night to be colorful, magnificent.
All night long, the lights are burning, and the new year is coming. When night falls, the green trees on both sides of the street are illuminated by colorful lights. Against the backdrop of street lights and neon lights, the whole street "bathes" in beautiful lights, clear outline, beautiful, unique charm. Walking among them, the colorful lights shining in the bright night sky, like for the Fengcheng dressed up in a gorgeous "make-up", to the general public to bring the enjoyment of beauty.
In recent years, Dongfeng County will brighten the project as one of the benefits of the people, and actively build a "firewood and honeysuckle night" charm Fengcheng. In order to create a strong festival atmosphere for the general public, the three-dimensional landscape sculptures such as Hedi Road, Pharmaceutical Street, Fengyuan Road, Youth Road and other urban trunk roads as well as Nanzhaoshan plain sailing, the peacock greeting and the full moon blooming in Xicheng District are illuminated. The energy-saving and environmental protection lighting system is used to create wisdom by combining the combination of building art lanterns. The rich and multi-grid night scene pattern can make the colored lights dynamic and static combination, scattered, elegant and harmonious, further enrich the city color, enhance the city taste.
The night scene Brightening Project of Shengjing Fu Mansion is a major investment attraction project in the West District of Dongfeng County. It not only opens a new chapter in the construction of the West city, but also is a landmark building in the West city. It has become a shining night pearl in the city and a business card for Dongfeng County and even Liaoyuan District to promote the tourism economy.

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