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Shenzhen Xinhe photoelectric lighting Co., Ltd.

Xinhe company was established


Through ISO 9001:2000 international quality management certification, cooperate with Zhejiang Maritime Bureau on all Zhoushan Islands navigation mark projects

Pass IOS9001:2000intemation quality management certification


Independently R&D the world's first LED cold light source exposure lamp, and applied for an international patent, the establishment of "Bean" exposure lamp brand

Design the world first led sign light,apply the patent,bulit our own brand “Miracle Bean”


China's main port labels all use "bean" LED exposed light as advertising light source.

Main ports of China adopted “Miracle Bean” as the led light sour of their LOGO


"Bean" LED Light Source Becomes the Designated Light Source for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Emblem and the Paralympic Games Emblem

“Miracle Bean” was appointed as led light sourc of Benjing Olympic Gsmes emblem and Paralympic Games emblem


"Bean" LED products completely cover the Chinese region, the same year, Yangxi region production base officially mass production, become a global exposured light source manufacturer

“Miracle Bean”convered the whole China,at the same time,Yangxi “Miracle Bean” production basenment,”XINHE Became the largest manufactuer of led


The company's new independent R & D products G series is officially launched, leading the new trend of LED point light source.

The company independent research and development of new products Gseries lfficially lisrted leading the new trend of LED point light source


Major Chinese banks, major chain brands began to designate "Bean" LED as advertising light source, further consolidating the status of outdoor light source leader

Chinese main bank,kinds of chain stores appointed “Miracle Bean” as the led light source of their LOGO


Once again expand production capacity, Shenzhen plant moved to Dongbao industrial area

Strenthen the leding opstion of led sign light,moving to a new address,enlarging the porduction ability again


The global LED glowing word (2500 square word) uses the bean G3006 light source.

The Biggest LED Channel letter arond the word (2005 square meters each letter),using Miracle Bean G3006 for led lighting sources


The company is awarded the AAA grade of enterprise credit rating of national high and new technology enterprise and Ministry of Commerce of China.

Our national high-tech enterprises China's Ministry of Commerce integrity certification AAA Enterprises


Company's new development of engineering-grade light source H series of multi-patent innovative products officially on the market, representing the "Bean" brand of independent research and development road to a new height

Newly developed engineering level source H series more patent innovation product officially listed, on behalf of the "Miracle Bean" brand of the road of independent research and development to a new height


Steady development of the company, adjust the direction, based on the "light" to expand domestic and international markets, enhance the "bean" brand's global awareness

Adjust the direction of the steady development of the company, with "light" as the foundation, to expand the domestic and international markets, enhance the "bean" brand's global visibility


"Bean" Brand Engineering Grade Point Light Source Products Upgraded to meet the needs of any complex environment in the era of high-tech lighting

"Bean" brand engineering point source products new upgrade, to adapt to any complex environment lighting high-tech era demand


The company carries out the joint-stock system reform, innovates and extends the project brightening products unceasingly, and steadily moves towards the deeper field of LED landscape Brightening Project

The company implements shareholding system reform, innovating and extending engineering lighting products, and steadily moving towards the deeper area of LED landscape lighting project