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Joining business conditions:

1. Market Requirements: Professional building materials home market location or independent building materials street, need to be the preferred market for local building materials industry;
2, store location requirements: store location is the best location for the market (such as crossroads or corner locations) and independent facade;
3. Store area requirements: The county and prefecture-level cities shall not be less than 80 square meters, and the high-end professional building materials market shall not be less than 50 square meters;
4, decoration requirements: in strict accordance with the company's design renovation, all VI must be unified;
5, sample requirements: in strict accordance with the standard sample
6, office supplies: special telephone, fax machine, computer (to be able to access the Internet), printer
7. Personnel requirements: 2 professional installation workers, 2 storefront sales personnel, and 1 customer service staff;

Joining business conditions:

1. Qualified legal person or natural person
2, has a certain degree of business planning and management capabilities
3, owns the city's mainstream building materials market 80-200 square store
4, good credit standing, identity Trueland brand strategy, business philosophy and operating model.
5, understand the building materials home industry, have a certain operating experience and management level, a sense of brand management.