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<span> line lamp -XH-XT3232 monochrome </span>
  • Name:

    line lamp -XH-XT3232 monochrome

  • Introduction:

    High brightness linear LED lamps and lanterns are suitable for display of pictures, animations, videos and dynamic advertisements on exterior facades of super large buildings;
    The lamp body is made of high strength stretched aluminum profiles, and the polymer silica gel material is encapsulated as a whole, waterproof and anti-static;
    There are a variety of fixing modes for selection and anti-static. The wind level is above 10 grade,
    Provides vertical and horizontal 110 degree visual angle, and the mixing effect is excellent. The color and length of lamps can be customized according to the actual curtain wall color.

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logo Luminaire specification
Product name: Product model:
线条灯 XH-XT3232
Product features:
1. Using high-end brand LED chip light source, professional optical design with optical lens, give full play to the brightness of the light source, more energy-saving and environmental protection;
2. Adopting monochrome/series/parallel control technology, it can realize picture and text, color change and video effect; rotating bracket and other installation methods are optional, and the wind resistance level is above 10.
3. Stretching aluminum alloy lamp body, surface anodizing treatment or spraying plastic treatment according to environmental requirements, polymer silica gel material integral waterproof anti-static anti-UV; high-strength PC mask impact resistance, long life, not easy to aging.
光源类型 / lamp 光源品牌 / LED Brand
SMD3535*48 晶元
功率 / watt 电压 / volt
12W DC 24V
光源色温 / color temperature 防护等级 / protection class
R/G/B/W/Y/1800-6500k IP65
光束角 / angle 平均寿命 / average life
120° / 90°/ 60°/ 30° >30000h
control mode 线材
Monochromatic break 2P Black / white sheathing line
安装附件/ Enclosure Entry cable
Flat support / steering support Two ends outlet waterproof connector
Grey aluminum alloy base + transparent PC mask
installation diagram / Installation diagram
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