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<span> wash wall lamp -XH-XQ2328 12W</span>
  • Name:

    wash wall lamp -XH-XQ2328 12W

  • Introduction:

    High-power wall washing lamp, suitable for outdoor buildings, bridges, ancient buildings floodlight illumination;
    high-strength aluminum profiles with high transmittance tempered glass waterproof structure; rotary base installed in the vertical direction can rotate 90 degrees left and right, convenient adjustment of the projection angle;
    using convective heat dissipation design, more stable performance Fixed; projection distance can reach more than 20 meters, a variety of beam angles to choose; < br > < 16.7 million RGB synthesis true color, to achieve synchronization, chasing, pipelining and other changes.

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logo Luminaire specification
Product name: Product model :
Wall lamp XH-XQ2328
Product features:
1. High strength aluminum profile lamp body, high transmittance and tempered glass, with PMMA optical lens.;
2. Adopt imported aging resistant silicone rubber sealing ring, which has good waterproof effect.
3, aluminum alloy lamp body, surface oxidation treatment or polyester powder spraying;
4. The bracket can move around the slot, adjusting the illumination angle of the lamp to achieve satisfactory lighting effect.
5. Suitable for outdoor buildings, bridges and ancient buildings.
光源类型 / lamp 光源品牌 / LED Brand
SMD5050*48 晶元
功率 / watt 电压 / volt
12W DC 24V
光源色温 / color temperature 防护等级 / protection class
R/G/B/W/Y/1600-6500k IP65
光束角 / angle 平均寿命 / average life
120° >30000h
控制方式 线材
Monochromatic break 2P black sheath wire
安装附件/ Enclosure 出线方式
Steering support Bottom outlet outlet waterproof connector.
+PMMA optical lens is sprayed on the surface of aluminum alloy lamp.
安装示意图 / Installation diagram
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